AcquireHow Live Chat Improves User Experiences and Creates Better Landing Pages
How Live Chat Improves User Experiences and Creates Better Landing Pages
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Landing pages are your brand’s first impression. These pages should bedesigned to enhance rather thandiminish the conversion rates directly influencing your sales.

This is why it’s important to choose the finest designs, tools & content for your company's landing page.Want to humanize your brand? Provide a live customer support option for visitors to havetheir queries dealt with in minutes and in real-time.

Products and services are your business’ primary sources of revenue. If your website showcasesthem, then Live Chat is a must.Unfortunately, a website alone is not sufficient in this cutthroat business world.Itadds a human touch to an otherwise stagnantand un-engaging website.

Here are some ways it can be used to upgrade the onlineuser experience and make difference.

1.To Provide Improved andTimelyCustomer Support

Awebsite is your business’ digital portfolio. It’s where you exhibit your products and services. It’s accompanied by creative and action-generating content, which convertsvisitors into paying customers.Your top priority should be making the website user-friendly so your visitors’ questions andqueriesget resolved promptly.

Live Chat consists ofa customer on one endand asales representative on the other. Rather than working the lengthy process of setting up a call meeting, visitorswould prefer thattheir queries be answered right away.

Live Chat software, like, can also provide 24/7 customer support to help establish pre-set customized answers or provide a file from a knowledge base that includesyour customer’s query,using anAI-based chat bot. This can be your low-cost sales agent option.

2.Giving Personalized Experience

71% of businesses own an internet website.This makes it hard for your website to stand out.If you don’t want to be just another business with a website, you need to give your visitors something to remember you by and your customers a reason to return to you with their business.

Providing your customers with a personalized experience ensuresthey stay with you and turns your visitors into paying customers. You want them to feel like theyare part of something bigger when buying your brand. It gives them satisfaction and provides alevel of customer support on your landing page.Since thisis your brand’s first impression, itshows that you value your customers and their experience with you.

To be top in your industry, you needto provide your customers with apersonalized experience by embedding the feature onto your landing page.

Giving Personalized Experience

3.Providing Convenience and Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Live Chat brings personalization and convenience to your landing page.Combining them gives you the perfect formula forcustomer satisfaction.Live Chat providesa 73%customer satisfaction rate -the highest when compared to66% from emailsand 44% from phone calls.

Providing Convenience and Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Featuring Live Chat on your landing page puts the option directly in front of your customers’ eyes.Should they get stuck or confused, they can easily reach out to you rather thanGoogling “XYZ customer care number” or “XYZ customer care email” to reach to you.

Providing visitors with convenient options for reaching you, 24/7, makes your products and services more desirable.Forcing your visitors to have to Google customer care numbers while in your conversion funnel will cause your customers to lose interest in your brand.Providing convenience results in a higher conversion rate.

4.BringsOut the Best in your Sales Team

How does your sales team feel when they must deal with different,and sometimes difficult, customers?Add in the responsibility for keeping everything organized within5+ different software systems required as part of your sales stack, and how would you answer?

It’s time tobring out the best in your sales team by keeping communication channels simple. When properly organized, your sales team will have plenty of time for dealing withandresponding tomore customers. Thatmeans more business for you.

Improved communication channels:

a.bring in most of your customers,

b.allow for organization and prioritization of customers and their inquiries, and,

c.enhances sales agent potential.

5.Humanizes Your Brand

Live Chat adds a human factor to your website!Today’s customers don’t want to just buy your products in exchange for money.They want a customer experience and a relationship with your company.Live Chatbuilds long-term relationships with your customers.

Those customers who feel like they have a personal relationship with your business will always return.That means increased sales for your business.It shows your customers that you care and awardsyou withtheir loyalty in return.

Now that we’ve shown why Live Chat is a must foryour landing page and how much value it creates for your brand, it’s time to choose the right software for your business.

These questions will allowyou to choose the right Live Chat software to meet the needs ofyour business:

•Would you prefer a simple or a multi-channel Live Chat support feature?

•Is it available in a mobile format?

•Does the software provide for customization of the Live Chat window so it matches your brand?

•What advanced features, i.e. canned responses, co-browsing, chatbots, profile management, etc., are offered and do you need them?

•What integrations does thesoftware offer?

More questions can be considered by readingthese 7 considerations.


Providing exceptional customer support is not easy.Today’s businesses experience so much competition thatyou have to stand out.Always remember to prioritize your customers over your profits.