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Node.js is an Server side scripting, open source, cross-platform built on Google Chrome V8 JavaScript runtime environment for easily building fast server-side and scalable networking applications. Its multiple advantages over other server side languages, Node.js inbuilt with a dependable package management system called NPM and its registry which is easily built and publish software and libary as packages.

Node.js is functionally similar to the PHP + Apache or ASP + IIS stacks,and its applications works as an non-blocking I/O model,event-driven which are scripted in javascript and debugs within the Node.js runtime on Linux, Microsoft WIndows ,OS-X and Free BSD. There are no classes in Node.js/JavaScript, because its objects inherit directly from other objects (prototypal inheritance). Node.js has natural with NoSQL databases like MongoDB, NoSQL databases are mostly use for cloud computing, agile projects and prototyping which are very secure and easily recoverable.

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