AcquireUI/UX Development

“We don’t just design UI/UX, we idealize it”

One of the main expertise of Just Total Tech is developing mobile applications. Exclusively based on the client requirements, we use our expertise in the field of mobile app development, to provide quality business solutions. We have a proficient specialist team in app and software development which enables us to develop and deliver effective business solutions to the handheld devices.

Our mobile application development services provides you designs with high functionality, custom developments rather than generic solutions, E-commerce business solutions, App development, and in-house development. Our team is using their skills in CMS in order to produce mobile application designs which are not only based upon box ideas but included with high functionality as well. We are working with an idea related to “form follows functions”. The design published by our experts is not only easy for individual use but also powerful in Search Engine Optimisation.

Web/ Desktop
Application Design

Mobile App Design
( Android, iOS & Window )

Web Portal

Digital Media

Our Design Process


Every project have there own expertise , for providing best service to client, we understand clients business strategy by discussing and sharing ideas


In this stage Things begin to move very fast at this stage. There is an adrenaline rush and idea begin to fly thick and fast from all stages.


Our team members interact with key personnel to prioritize and phase the release of critical features to match the customer's business needs. Project details that includes milestones.


This is when our team integrates the project and sends out a version of the product for customer's review and manage changes through well thought-out change control process).


We focus on discovering and defining the unique aspects of a company or projects that can drive a successful design.


In this Stage Our core team create the plans, milestone, set project target date deadlines and SRS, after that developer work according to requirement & ideas shared by clients.

Getting Started with Mockup Design

Wireframe and
design elements planning

This is where the visual layout of the website begins to take structure shape. Using information gathered from the client in the planning steps, begin designing the layout using a wireframe.

Mock-ups based
on requirements analysis

Designing mock-ups in designing tools allows for relatively easy modification, it keeps the design elements organized in layers, and it primes you for slicing and coding when the time later on.

and approval cycle

A cycle of reviewing, tweaking and approving the mock-ups often takes place until (ideally) both client and contractor are satisfied with the designs. This is the phase to makes accessible changes, not after the design has been coded.

Slice and
code valid XHTML/CSS

It’s coding time. Slice the final Photoshop PSD format mock-up, and write the HTML and CSS code for the basic designs. Interactive elements and jQuery phase implement later for now, just get the designs visuals together on screen.